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Because of the advanced cornering skills and techniques that we teach during ARC, it is important that riders who take this course arrive with a solid riding foundation in order to make the most out of the class. The best way to assess if you are ready for ARC is by responding to these other three important questions:

  1. Do you feel confident and relaxed riding through a curvy road, at regular road speeds?
  2. Do you feel confident in your ability to swerve around an unexpected obstacle, at road speeds?
  3. Do you feel confident in your ability to make your motorcycle stop in a very short distance during an emergency?

If you answered YES to the three questions above, then ARC is for you and you will enjoy it greatly! However, if you responded NO to any of the questions above, you should consider the Intermediate Riding Clinic as the next step in your riding education instead.


The Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic (TC ARC®) is a ONE DAY 8 hour course. You will bring your own street legal motorcycle, and will be required to have all protective gear for the riding portions. For more information about the TC ARC®, please visit the course page or call our office at (951) 306-0141.

The TC ARC® schedule is as follows:

Check In: 7:30am
Start Time: 8:00am
Lunch: (About) Noon to 1:00pm
End Time: 5:00pm

Motorcycle Requirements

All students must provide their own motorcycle or scooter. Your motorcycle or scooter should be in proper working order, including cooling and charging systems, and a battery that is in good condition.

Gear Requirements

  • Full-face or three-quarter helmet with DOT certification.
  • Eye protection. Can be glasses, goggles or the visor of your helmet.
  • Full-finger leather gloves or street-specific motorcycle gloves. No work gloves or dirt-bike gloves allowed.
  • Sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear with low heels. No soft material allowed around your ankles.
  • Long sleeve leather jacket or motorcycle-specific textile jacket. No rips or holes.
  • Motorcycle-specific pants without rips or holes. Chaps, motorcycle-overpants and Kevlar jeans are accepted.

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(You must take the Advanced Riding Clinic, Level 1 as a pre-requisite)